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Continuing commercial research in electromagnetic wave propagation,

Our existing and mature analysis tools depict two dimensional portrayals (with associated numerical and analytical data) of a three dimensional surface (radii are indices of refraction in the given vector directions) for the combinations of optical effects when given the optical properties of materials.  Figures 1, 2, and 3 (below, same depiction from different perspectives) show a typical “symmetry” breaking situation when the material/effects include a Biaxial Crystal media, Natural Optical Activity, and Dielectric Faraday effect.


Various patent applications are underway to apply this fundamental science in improving existing technologies.  One technology improvement example is in Fiber Optic Rotation Sensors (FORS) in order to help the state-of-the-art FORS devices be as sensitive as existing larger geometry ring laser rotation sensors.


Figure 1 – Perspective 1 Fresnel Ray Normal Surface showing Symmetry Break


Figure 2 – Perspective 2 Fresnel Ray Normal Surface showing Symmetry Break



Figure 3 – Constitutive Matrix for Material/Effects Definition in Fresnel Ray Normal Surface Definition