Null Geodesics Alterations LLC  



DoD Radar and Optical Sensor support to locations around the world.

Our personnel have extensive experience in supporting various DoD radar and optic sites around the world.

Most of our various endeavors come together in the optics and radar arena.  Witness our new optical tracking algorithms and E&M waveform shaping research.

 Radar sites supported include:

 Kwajalein atoll ALTAIR                                                    

 U.S. Based PAVE PAWS (Cape Cod),

 England based BMEWS III, and

 Norway based Globus II.


Optic Site support history includes

Kwajalein Super Radot sites,

range safety optic support, and

GEODSS support.


Almost all tasks within these radar, range safety, and optic site situations have been supported by our personnel.

The tasks range from time critical software, human interface GUI, hardware interface, and even one instance of aircraft transponder (TPX-42) interface (for range safety purposes).


Software experience is essentially all languages from Jovial to JAVA, and FORTRAN to FORTH, as well as C to Ada and various machine languages.


Hardware support has ranged from custom antenna controller design, to transmitter waveform design, to uplink/downlink commutator/decommutator telemetry work, and more conventional computer interface design (e.g. Radar Controller/Exciter repair).